The client

Moha Wong has more than 40 years of Tai Chi teaching experience and is a qualified fitness and Pilates teacher and accredited teacher of Iyengar Yoga. Moha had a number of existing websites which were not being kept updated and she had no consistent branding across her online information. She had no booking system for most of her classes and therefore no way of knowing how many customers might turn up to any given class. She also had no social media presence and was keen to learn how to reach out to new customers using modern platforms.

The customers

Moha’s customers are mostly women, aged between 30 and 60 and with an interest in health, wellbeing and fitness. Some of her long established customers are willing to travel some distance to attend her classes but most of her new customers tend to be from in and around Milton Keynes, UK.

Our solution

Moha had a collection of stunning photographs from various classes and events held over the years and we exploited this fully by creating a portfolio-style website and social media posts that showed her potential customers what a body can learn to do with enough practice and patience. We created a new logo based on the philosophy of ‘the flower of life’ which was meaningful to Moha and we built an online event management and booking system to modernise the administration of her classes and workshops. We were also pleased to be able to write and edit the content of the new website from the rough notes that Moha gave us and to redirect or close older sites. We continue to promote iWellbeing through a strong Facebook and Instagram presence with posts providing special offers and other announcements to the growing number of followers and fans.