The client

Common Custom is a brand owned by Adrian Leibowitz, a professional sound recording archivist and radio producer and technician. Common Custom had a catalogue of audio programmes and projects which it wanted to make available online. It also had high quality posters from exhibitions. In addition to needing a platform to show and sell previous work, Common Custom also wanted to contribute critical reviews through a new Blog.

The customers

Common Custom had two customer segments – a relatively small but important segment interested in sound recording and production generally and a much larger segment interested in the specific content of individual productions. The developed solution needed to appeal to both without alienating the other.

Our solution

We developed a clean and minimal website which consisted of just two key elements. Firstly, a colourful blog, which spoke to the smaller segment and allowed the client to post historical and current articles that contributed to critical thinking in the field. Secondly, an e-commerce capability where the larger customer segment could view high-resolution watermarked posters and listen to segments of professional recordings. Both the posters and the recordings could be purchased online with full digital download facility and printed posters could also be ordered. The website was launched to coincide with a new exhibition of work from the company.

Common Custom – Sound Archivist