Affordable Social Media and your Business

Social media today

10 year ago, social media simply didn’t exist and reaching new customers was mainly through existing client referrals, having a basic website and topping up with some advertising if necessary. Communication was very much in one direction. Today, most of your potential customers spend much more time on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) than they do visiting standard websites. They expect to be able to find you easily online through their favourite platforms and they are influenced by how ‘visible’ and ‘current’ your content is and what your existing customers are saying about your business.

Affordable Social Media for small businesses

As a small business, your website, and increasingly your social media activity, is your shop window to potential new customers. These days, the impact of not having a good social media presence is the same as closing up shop – you are invisible. At the same time, your competitors are building their visibility and reputation and you are losing out on generating valuable traffic, leading to new business. Having an active social media presence is no longer an optional extra for your business but an essential tool to get you noticed and demonstrate that your business is active, relevant and thriving.

Overcoming the barriers

At 2Sprout, we understand the real challenges for small businesses in achieving social media visibility. Time is a big barrier, both in getting set up and in ongoing content management. Cost is a major barrier, with most social media companies charging ridiculous sums and offering features and services that you don’t really need. Lack of sufficient technical knowledge is also a barrier. You are not a social media expert after all! At 2Sprout, we can help you overcome these challenges by providing you with simple, personal and affordable social media solutions.

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