Get Value

Nurture tree in handAbout 60 mins (face-to-face or Skype)

At 2Sprout, our goal is not just to get your business and then churn out generic content to your social media accounts. In contrast to our competitors, we like to keep in touch with you on a regular basis so that we continue to understand you and your business and can generate relevant content and adjust our support and services as your needs change.

Your Get Value review meetings are optional, but we strongly recommend you take advantage of them in order to maximise the value you get from your social media pack.

The pack you opt for will determine the frequency of your Get Value review meetings:

  • Nurture Pack – meeting every quarter
  • Grow Pack – meeting every other month
  • Thrive Pack – meeting every month

During these meetings, we will:

  • Review progress against your social media goals previously agreed
  • Understand what is currently happening in your business so that we can generate appropriate and relevant content
  • Obtain specific information about future business events, promotions, sales and other activities that you want to highlight through social media
  • Coach you to be responsive to your social media accounts so as to maximise customer satisfaction and new business generation
  • Make recommendations to help you boost the visibility of your business generally or of your specific activities or events
  • Share any performance and impact information we have gathered about your social media activity
  • Review your level of satisfaction with our services so that we can make any adjustments if necessary
  • Tell you about any relevant promotions or offers from our company or our associates

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