We can design beautiful logos, website icons, website banners, as well as materials for print, T-shirt printing and other merchandise to promote your brand or particular events or products.

Logo Design

Our process for creating your logo means that you’ll get exactly what you want and a design that reflects your brand and is appealing to your customers. We start off by asking you some questions about what you need and capturing some of your preferences about style, colour, shape and design. We then develop between 5 and 10 rough ideas. When you tell us what you like from that, we create 2 or 3 more refined designs. You can then choose a final design and tell us what further changes you’d like made to it. Your final design comes in both digital and print-ready formats.

Website Icons

If you’re looking for some special images to tell a story on your website or you want stylish icons to break up the text, we can design flat icons that are increasingly popular on modern websites. Here are some examples of what they can look like.


Header Images / Banners

Sometimes you just want to make a big splash and need something special designed to sit on the top of all your web pages. Not all website templates still use banner images, but if you want this option, we can design something to match your logo and any other print material so that you have a consisten look and feel for all your brand assets.

Print Materials

Typical Price: £50 for a business card design | £100 for a business card, letter head and compliment slip pack

We can create beautiful printed stationery designs to match your website and social media templates

2Sprout business card design

T-shirts, Polo shirts and Other Printed Clothing

Typical Price: £15 per shirt (plus postage)

We can source good quality T-shirts and Polo shirts in all sizes and colours and print your logo, other images and text – whatever you want, we can make it unique to you and in keeping with your brand and style of your company.

T Shirt Printing

See examples of our work in our Design Portfolio

2Sprout Portfolio - Design Services