Let us take the strain out of writing or editing the content for your website and creating great news stories or blog posts for your customers. We can also create or edit content for your print material and email communications.

chat iconBlogging

£35 per story | £300 Annual Pack (12 stories)

Blogging is a great way to connect to your current and potential customers. You can think about it as giving away a small amount of your knowledge and expertise and, in return, you generate great customer loyalty. We are experienced bloggers and we personally contribute to online forums and blogs and have set up blogging sites for a number of clients. We can adapt our style of writing to suit your business brand and ethos.

content iconContent Creation

£50 per page | £200 for 5 pages

We know how to write for the web and for print material and can present your business as intelligent, friendly and professional. We can write everything for you from scratch. We will first have a conversation with you to understand what you are trying to achieve and we will then create unique content for your business. You’ll be able to provide feedback so that we can edit and finalise your content before you’re ready to publish.

text iconContent Editing

£35 per page | £125 for 5 pages

Whether it’s for the web or for print, if you’re able to generate your own draft content, we can add a perfect finish with our professional editing service. We are not just checking your spelling and punctuation though! We can reorganise and reword your content so that it has a better flow and a powerful effect on your existing or potential customers. We use a leading industry tool to check the finished product for easy readability and you have the option of accepting or rejecting all the editing suggestions we make.

targeting iconAnnual Website Maintenance Pack

£150 for 6 hours OR £50 per hour (Pay As You Go)

No matter how good your planning and preparation is, after a while you will inevitably want to update pages on your website, for example, add new information, edit some out of date information, add new photos or add a new service. With our annual website maintenance pack, you have nothing to worry about. Each month (or quarter if you prefer) you can send us a list of changes you want made and we’ll tell you how much time it will take so you can keep track of how much time will be used and how much will remain on your account. For most small businesses, we estimate you won’t need more than 30 minutes of updates per month, which is why we’ve created a 6 hour annual maintenance pack.