In this video blog, we share with you 5 ways that 2Sprout can help you to social media enable your website.

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  1. Social media links – create links to your own social media pages and accounts so that your site visitors can find you and follow/like you on your social media pages. This will increase the number of followers you have on social media, all of whom are potential future customers.
  2. Social media like – create a button that allows site visitors to like any pages, posts or other content on your website. This will increase site user engagement and give you valuable feedback on what your site visitors find interesting.
  3. Social media sharing – create buttons to enable your site visitors to share your content easily with all their connections through their own social media accounts. This gives you greater exposure by tapping into the networks of your site visitors.
  4. Social media feeds – display feeds from your social media accounts anywhere on your site. This demonstrates that your website is dynamic and up-to-date which looks good to your site visitors and improves your ranking in search engines.
  5. Social media login to comment – make it easy for your site visitors to comment on your pages and posts by letting them use their social media account to log in. They won’t have to create an account on your site and are therefore more likely to comment and engage.

We hope you found this video blog on how we can help you to social media enable your website useful.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us, or if you require any support on web development or social media management, please get in touch with us.

Video Blog: How to social media enable your website

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