2Sprout Partners

Julie Cheung, Managing Partner

Responsible for: Service Delivery, Associates Management, Analytics and Customer Satisfaction

Julie CheungI’m a full-time Mum of 2 young boys. Prior to having my children, I worked in a managerial role providing computer software installation and training. The challenge in trying to find work that fits around my children’s school days and hours was daunting.  This is where 2Sprout was born. Having helped a number of friends and associates to set up and manage their social media accounts in recent years, it became clear just how difficult it is for small business owners to find the time and know-how to manage it effectively.

Many social media agencies tend to be priced out of small businesses reach, frequently asking in excess of £400 per month which just isn’t viable for most. With 2Sprout, I’m able to work around my children’s schedule whilst providing an affordable social media management service for everyone – a win-win situation in my view!

Ken O’Shea-Poon, Partner

Responsible for: Marketing and Sales, Branding and Training Services Ken O'Shea-Poon

I’ve been running my Chinese medicine clinic since 2011 and when I first set up I learnt that, not being on the high street, getting noticed was a challenge. Initially, I tried advertising in postal booklets, in shop stands, attending health fairs and leafleting. However, I discovered that these methods weren’t yielding results. So, I got together with my friend, Julie Cheung, and we began to promote my business on the web through social media and to strengthen my website. Fairly quickly I started to get a lot more enquiries

Over the years of using social media I’ve increased my web presence hugely and am now much more ‘findable’. If you run a small business like I do, your website and social media profiles are your shop window.

This is where the 2Sprout idea was born. I believe that with the right support, any business can build themselves up to increase their visibility and attract many new customers. It certainly worked for me.

Tony O’Shea-Poon, Partner

Responsible for: Corporate Management, Finance, Website Development and Coaching Services

Tony O'Shea-Poon

I’ve always had a passion for working with organisations that have a social mission, from the smallest of community groups that support the socially excluded, to the NHS and to the largest higher education institution in Europe. 2Sprout’ aims of helping small businesses to grow through social media, and at low cost, is therefore a hugely attractive enterprise for me.

I’m personally active in a number of social media spaces and I’ve established many networks over the years, including most recently, the Facebook Vegan Life group and website Directory and Blog. I know from first-hand experience just how important it is to build presence, trust and loyalty with an online community and my philosophy in life has always been to give first, knowing that life gives back in return when you need it.

I bring a wide range of technical, corporate and people skills and experience to the partnership. I’m just as comfortable developing websites as I am in managing company legal matters and in coaching people towards the achievement of their professional goals.

2Sprout Associates

Debi Morgan

Provides support for: Blogging, Consultation and Coaching Services Debi Morgan

I’m an accomplished senior executive and consultant with a wide skill set and substantial experience of working with small and medium size businesses and non-profit organisations.

I’m passionate about my work as I love communicating ideas, analysing data, solving problems, improving systems, saving money, exploring new markets, developing projects, tendering for services, developing policies, writing reports and copy, ensuring safe and compliant services and recruiting, developing and motivating people.

Working from a strong values base, I like to work in a way that is wholly focused on meeting client’s needs, which invests in people and empowers them to make changes in order that they can be happier and more productive.

My own priorities are to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, supporting others as much as I can, whilst challenging social inequalities and taking care of our precious planet and leaving it in a good state for future generations.

Jono Poon

Provides support for: Website Development Services

Jonathan Poon Profile Pic

As a freelance digital marketing specialist based in Milton Keynes, I support small and medium-sized businesses in branding, web development, digital marketing, social media and email marketing systems.

I work with experts in different creative and development teams and I work closely with clients to develop outstanding websites that are highly usable and accessible.

I became a 2Sprout Associate because the company goals align very closely with my own goals of helping all people to reach further to achieve their maximum potential.

Tom Poon

Provides support for: Branding Services

Tom Poon

I started my training and career as a 3D Game Artist and gradually expanded my design experience from there. About 3 years ago, I was in the fortunate position to be able to go completely freelance.

I work on a wide variety of digital design tasks ranging from 3D modelling & animation, interface design, logos, banners and marketing imagery. I’m experienced across a wide range of design platforms and tools.

As a freelancer who works from home, I rely on the internet to find (or to be found by) clients for all of my work. My personal experience is that online visibility is one of the most important things to focus on for new businesses in today’s world, no matter what the size of the business.

I thought that 2Sprout sounded like a great idea and I know that my skills in design will be put to good use helping small businesses to increase their visibility and reputation through the web and social media.