our ethicsWe’re a small company with big social media ethics. We’ve developed this ethics statement so that you know exactly where we stand on a range of ethical issues. It’s not exhaustive and we may update it from time to time.

Our services are aimed at small businesses. These include sole traders, partnerships, companies with a few employees, social enterprises and charities. We know that most businesses in this category can’t afford the big price tag that most social media companies charge. We also know from our own experience just how much small businesses can benefit from a visible social media presence.

  1. We won’t work with businesses that have any dealings with arms, weaponry or promote any form of violence or hostility towards others.
  2. We won’t work with businesses that import products internationally unless they can demonstrate that products are from fair trade and fair labour sources.
  3. We will always provide you with accurate and informed advice – if we are not able to answer your questions, we will never ‘make it up’.
  4. 2Sprout partners and associates will never try to sell you services that you don’t need. We will make recommendations based on our assessment of the information about your company and your goals that you have shared with us.
  5. All our pricing will be transparent and we will deliver services for the prices we have quoted you. There will be no hidden costs.
  6. We will protect the sensitive personal information that you share with us. We will never share or sell it to any other person or company.
  7. We will share information about you and your company through websites and social media platforms and we will agree with you the nature of information to be shared in advance. At any time, if you are dissatisfied with the nature of information we are sharing, you can talk to us so that we can make appropriate adjustments.
  8. We will protect Freedom of Speech online. We will not act in a way to censor comments and feedback from users or members of social media communities and networks, except where comments are obscene, defamatory, discriminatory or otherwise unlawful.
  9. We will take action to inform relevant authorities where we become aware of unlawful acts or acts that could cause serious harm to any person. We will cooperate with law enforcement agencies where required to do so.
  10. When acting on your behalf, we will do everything possible to protect and enhance your reputation and that of your business. We will act as if your business was our own and protect and promote it as such.
  11. When communicating with your customers or potential customers on your behalf, we will behave in a friendly and professional manner.
  12. If we become aware of information that may damage your reputation, for example complaints about your service, we will notify you so that you can act on this information.