Here’s a little background information about 2Sprout. We were formed in 2017 by Julie, Ken and Tony, three friends with a keen interest and active engagement across all major social media platforms.

These friends knew of the value of good social media management from their own experience of running existing small businesses, networks and community groups. They also knew from what many of their friends, clients and associates were telling them that cost, time and technical knowledge are the major barriers to achieving good social media management.

The friends felt that it wasn’t entirely fair that small business was losing out on the benefits of social media. Small businesses can’t employ their own social media managers like big business can. Small businesses can’t afford the high price tag that most social media companies charge like medium sized businesses can. While some small business owners had personal social media accounts, very few were promoting their business services and products effectively through these channels.

There had to be an alternative!

And so, 2Sprout came into existence, a partnership founded on the belief that  social media is for everyone and that sole traders, small partnerships, community interest companies, social enterprises, charities and every other kind of small business can be supported to get started and to build a visible social media presence. By doing so, it will enhance reputation, build trust with potential customers and increase engagement and sales.

Today, 2Sprout offers 3 levels of social media management, web services and a number of other expansion services, which are explained further on this website.

If you want to read more about our company, follow the links below:

Our People

our peopleWe’re a small but dedicated team of partners. Read our brief profiles to learn more about 2Sprout people motivations for starting 2Sprout. We’ve also shared profiles for our associates – they help us to expand the range of services we can offer our clients.

Our Ethics

our ethicsWe’re a small business with a big social conscience. We’ve deliberately aimed our services at small businesses that can’t afford the big price tag that most social media companies charge. Read more about 2Sprout ethics.

Your Privacy

your privacyWe take your privacy very seriously. Of course, we plan to share lots of information about your business with the world through your social media accounts, but we promise to protect your sensitive personal information. Read more about 2Sprout privacy.

Terms of Service

terms of serviceWe like to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Here you can read more about 2Sprout main terms and conditions of our services, our contractual obligations to you and your rights should you be dissatisfied with our service.

Any Questions?

got a questionGot a question about 2Sprout that hasn’t been answered elsewhere on our website. Please get in touch with us using our Online Enquiry Form.